Vali riiulilt pudel

Pihtla Õlu

Traditional Saaremaa farmhouse beer - slightly carbonated hazy ancient drink. The cornerstone of Saaremaa's culture dating back to the Viking Age. Mild juniper taste and old brewing art have made Pihtla beer famous all over the world.

Farmhouse beer. ABV 7,6%, IBU 19.

Okas Kurku

Amber-colored hoppy beer brewed with handpicked spruce growths from the island of Saaremaa. Nature freshness combined with sweet caramel malts. The final note is given by the resinous spruce sprout. A surprising favorite for many! 

Spruce ale. ABV 6,2%, IBU 34.


Nicely balanced bitterness and deliciously dark roasted malts. Mouthful of burnt flavor makes our porter enjoyable drink both winter and summer.

Robust Porter. ABV 6,0%. IBU 28.


Light and crisp pilsner brewed with the black gold from Saaremaa's nature - juniper berries. Pleasant summer and sauna drink for lovers of light tastes.

Lager with a hint of juniper. ABV 5,1%, IBU 20.


Spicy ginger, lively lemon, and sweet local Saaremaa honey make our ginger beer famous on both sides of the Baltic Sea. Spectacular drink for all ginger lovers.

Ginger beer. ABV 6,2%, IBU 41.

Kolm Venda

One hell of a balanced hop bomb. Equally fruity and citrus Indian Pale Ale, brewed with three brothers - Cascade, Simcoe, and Columbus hops. A definite favorite for IPA enthusiasts! 

India Pale Ale. ABV 6,5%, IBU 63.


Sweet caramel base originated from the malts is combined with a burnt finish. Our red ale pairs well with food due to its rather low hop intensity.

Irish Red Ale. ABV 5,8%, IBU 29.


Golden, fruity, and moderately dry-hopped IPA with caramel touch. A true companion for all craft beer lovers. Customer service in Pihtla brewery style!

India Pale Ale. ABV 5,8%, IBU 46.